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    -category B driving license of at least 1 year

    -the criminal record must be clean - the record will be raised by the company

    -German language is not required




    The deliveries are made with Mercedes Vito or Renault Traffic. The van stays with you permanently and the diesel is paid for by the company.

    The program starts at 9.30-10.00, with an average duration of 8 hours-9, and can fluctuate depending on the speed of each driver

    The packages are pre-sorted, the loading time is about 15 minutes.

    Deliveries are made using an application based on google maps, available in the Romanian language as well.




    The salary is transferred in your bank account, on the 5th and 20th of the month (on the 5th you receive the payment for 1-15 previous month, and on the 20th you receive the payment for 16-30 previous month)

    The route (one route per day) is paid with 80 euros (net, after deducting taxes)

    We work between 5-6 days a week (Monday to Saturday), depending on the volume of orders and the performance of drivers.

    Drivers who work 6 days a week reach a net monthly salary of 2000 euros (paid through the bank, on the 5th and 20th of the month), and drivers who work 5 days a week reach a salary of 1760 euros per month.

    The differentiation between 5 and 6 days offered is based on performance.




    Documents will take approximately 6 days from your arrival in Hamburg, during this time accommodation is free.

    In this period you will receive anmeldung (mutation), bank account, contract, criminal record, and training at Amazon.

    At the end of the training day at Amazon, you must take a grid test in any language (or another language at request) from the subjects taught that day, especially the safety and driving category.




    From the moment you start working, you have the option to remain in the accommodation offered by the company, but for the amount of 360 euros per month (with all bills included).

    Accommodation is at a house (with kitchen, bathroom, parking, etc.) in a room for 2 or 3 people.




    - Greet at the airport

    - Assistance with all the necessary formalities for integration (bank account, etc.)

    - Specialized training

    - Medical insurance included

    - Paid sick leave

    - Paid rest leave (2 days for each worked month)

    - Chance to be promoted within the company

    - New and well-maintained cars (Mercedes Vito, Renault Traffic)

    - Fair conditions

    - Packages are already pre-sorted 

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